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Cultural interventions

Stories are key in envisioning how we want the future to unfold. Through storytelling, climate futures become close and personal, rather than distant and abstract as when presented from the perspective of scientific facts. In order to explore ways of producing and performing stories about alternative futures in a creative, personal, and concrete fashion, we turn to the cultural realm and examine a variety of different engagements with climate change (e.g. literature, art installations, film). Cultural interventions have the ability to enable emotional encounters with climate futures and to bridge the gap between scientific discovery and public knowledge. 

In recent years, cultural representations of a climate changed world have increasingly emerged. There is now a wealth of literary fiction addressing various topics in multiple genres, from post-apocalyptic and war-torn futures to intimate stories of daily life in a warming and increasingly carbon constrained world. Additionally, climate change exhibitions are emerging at museums and art galleries all around the world. Examples range from exhibitions telling pedagogical stories about the nature of climate change and its consequences, to more interventional stories about our relationship to the natural world and moral responsibilities. Narrating Climate Futures examine the potential of these interventions in facilitating personal reflections and in governing the transistion to a post-fossil society.


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