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Narrating Climate Futures

Narrating Climate Futures is a collaborative initiative in which we explore the potential different ways of imagining futures have to grapple with the challenge of climate change. The initiative was launched in September 2017, and has been funded by the Vice Chancellor of Lund University.

Engaging with the challenge of climate change requires action in the present that addresses how we want the future to unfold. This requires the foresight of imagining alternative futures and how our actions can shape the world to come. There are a range of techniques to this end – from climate models and demonstration projects, to pathways and visions of societal transformations and various kinds of cultural interventions. Some of these emanate from the academic community, some are drawn from broader economic, social and cultural realms. While diverse in their aims, they all rely on forms of narrative: of telling compelling stories about the nature of a world that is changing, or needs to change, because of climate change. The aim of the collaborative initiative Narrating Climate Futures is to create a platform through which to activate a new conversation about the potential of these narrative techniques among researchers, practitioners and experts. In particular, we explore how these narratives can catalyse the forms of political, economic and cultural responses required for a climate changed world, and for crafting the zero-carbon emission society of the future. 


Explore the different narrative techniques 

Modelling and scenarios

Demonstration and experimentation

Cultural interventions

Transition pathways and visions

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