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Narrating socio-cultural transitions to a post-fossil society

Climaginaries is a project funded by the Swedish research council Formas. Researchers from Utrecht University, Warwick University and Durham University collaborate with researchers from Lund University over four years.

The power to enable and govern transition to a post-fossil society does not only rely on scientific facts and legislative measures, but also on effectual means to envision what a post-fossil world might look like, and the means through which it can transpire. CLIMAGINARIES explore the transformative capacity of imaginaries; how compelling narratives are told, and how they can shape and enable efforts to confront climate change. Different academic perspectives are brought together to expand the knowledge on how climate imaginaries become effective. This will generate in a new sense of the features that make climate change matter socially and culturally.

At the heart of CLIMAGINARIES' transdisciplinary endeavor is a multi-disciplinary group of scholars from Lund, Utrecht, Durham and Warwick Universities, interacting and collaborating with a wide range of practitioners from both the public and private sphere. The project builds on the increasing scholarly recognition that the carbon ‘lock-in’ is as social and cultural as it is technical and infrastructural. The pathway to a zero-degree world thus requires more effective synergy between the various disciplines and methodologies that constitute climate change studies.