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Violent Climate Imaginaries: Science - Fiction - Politics

VICTIM is funded by the Vice Chancellor of Lund University as part of a strategic collaboration with Universität Hamburg. It brings together established and emerging scholars from sociology, political science, criminology, literature studies and climate science.

There are many techniques, ranging from scientific to literary and artistic, through which climate futures can be envisioned. In recent years, dystopian depictions of a society and daily life turning violent in a climate changed future have increasingly emerged, and with that a growing need to discuss the security implications of climate change. VICTIM explores how dangerous forms of climate change futures are envisioned and imagined in science, art and popular culture. It asks how violent futures are envisioned and become enacted in scientific practices including climate change scenarios, Integrated Asessment Models, risk assessment or mapping. It anticipates and critically discusses the political implications of the different violent scenarios of climate change. Finally, VICTIM explores how we could envision a global warming world differently and asks how scientific and literary techniques of imagination can be brought together to create new imaginaries. The aim is to provide new knowledge on how violent stories of climate futures emerge, circulate, translate and resonate.