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Stories about Memories from the transition

Do you want to know more about Memories from the transition? On this page we have collected statements and pictures from people who have done the soundwalk.

"Sometimes I could not even differentiate between what was real and what noises just came through my headphones. It felt like the imaginary world and the real world melted together to one."

Memories from the transition raise a number of important questions about climate change and its connection to society. We have had over hundreds of visitors, among them: teachers, class of students, decision-makers and representatives from different organisations and companies. Here, we have gathered some of the insights and emotions that evoked when people listened to the soundwalk.


  • "Transition is possible and realistic."

  • "How powerful stories can be!"

  • "We are already in a state of emergency, but change is possible!"

  • "Thoughts about that I would like to get more involved in climate action."

  • "It requires a disruptive societal change and very many must be part of it to happen."

En man håller sin hand på en glasruta och tittar in genom fönstret.


Will  I  ever  have  what  you  had?  That  is  probably  the  sentence  which  made  the  biggest impression  on  me  and  which  I  will  remember  from  this  soundwalk.  Is  this  climate  crises  so significant? It is the change so necessary? And what will we have to change? [...]  It makes me very nervous when I think about the idea that we should change so many things we are used to in so short time.It is a paradox because my favourite sentence is humans gets used to everything. But I am not sure I am ready for such a crucial change of life.


Bild tagen i Hyllie Vattenpark. På bilden är det en mur med dekorationer av mosaik och vattentornet i bakgrunden och människor utspridda som går ljudvandringen.


I couldn’t help but wonder if our generation would end up like her, overwhelmed by the situation, tired from years of trying to address an interlocked crisis, and having to deal with the next generation’s accumulated anger –which we already feel right now. I had never thought of this future perspective, and I must admit that I was distraught.


  • "Worry about the future, but also hope for a solution in the future."
  • "A mix of climate anxiety and hope."
  • "Feelings of hope and joy for the future. Determination and will to change here and now."
  • "I felt a mixture of sorrow and hope. I also became more convinced to change my own life.
  • "Positive shudder when you felt how shopping center occupations around the world stood united […]. Climate stress from thinking about the madness that was going on inside Emporia right now. "
En bild tagen ovanifrån på en trappa inuti köpcentrat Emporia med personer som går i trappan.

I liked how you use the shopping mall as a political spot, and how that sort of 'consumerist Mecca' one day might be challenged, but also be remade into something else.

En man i förgrunden och en kvinna i bakgrunden sitter på en bänk och lyssnar på ljudvandringen.

At the end of the walk, I felt perfectly in harmony with someone I not only didn't know but didn't even exist. The connection with that voice was so familiar and intimate that it left me stunned. I deem this was the most alienating thing: feeling that I had seen myself sharing places and spaces with invented human beings who had been able to show me in a different light what would otherwise have been nothing more to me than a park, a mall, and a hill.


Kvinna som sitter på toppen av kullen i Holma.


The end of the walk, at the top of the hill, was a great place to sit down for a bit and re-imagine the elements of the story as well as the possible changes to the neighborhood.

How do I do the walk?

To do the walk you need to:

  • Download the app Climaginaries on your smartphone.
  • Have a fully charged smartphone and a pair of headphones.
Två karta över vandringen Minnen från Omställningsåren, den vänstra över del 1 av vandringen och den högra över del 2 av vandringen. Med utsatta punkter för vart man går.
Map of the soundwalk, part 1 to the left and part 2 to the right.

The soundwalk consists of two acts and is two hours in total. Each act is about 1 hour and you can walk the acts at separate times if you don’t want to do the whole walk in one day.

The walk can be experienced every day that the roof of Emporia is accessible, usually between 10-20 every day. We recommend to begin the walk at 18.30 at the latest, to be sure to complete the walk before Emporia close.

The first act starts at Hyllie torg in Malmö and continues up on the roof of Emporia. The frist act ends by walking down the stairs inside the mall.

The second act begins close to Hyllie torg, at Arenagatan: between the stairs to the railway platform and the parking garage. You will walk past the water tower and in to Holma, where you will end the walk on top of the highest hill.

When you reach the starting point of the act, start the audio by tapping on the first point on the map in your phone. Afterward, just follow the instructions. The points of interest will show up as you walk. 

The walk is also accessible without GPS. In this version, all points of interest in the walk are visible on the map and you can start the audio yourself by tapping on them.