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Teachers and students

Memories from the transition transports the listener to a future Malmö and tells a story of how a transition to a fossil-free city may look like. The soundwalk is suitable for high school students as well as university students, as we hope it will contribute to discussions and spark creativity regarding the transition to a post-fossil society amongst students. 

Our aim is that the soundwalk will teach students about climate change, current climate targets and potential ways forward suggested by research. By creating a vision for a future Malmö and at the same time walk around different places in the city, the soundwalk bridges the gap between our daily lives and the abstract future of climate change. 

Much of the story is inspired by existing proposals, emerging innovations, or research on the transformations needed to meet our climate targets. Memories from the transitions is only one of many answers to how to deal with the climate crisis, and we hope that it will spark questions such as “How can we transition to a post-fossil society?” and “what kind of city do we want to live in?”  in the classrooms. 

Memories from the transitions can be used as a thematic learning opportunity for high school students or as a reflective assignment for university students to think about how their education relates to the soundwalk and the climate crisis in particular. 

In addition, we have collected some background research and further reading on some of the topics covered in Memories from the Transition at the Ministry of imagination. The information can be used as background material for school assignments or as an opportunity for students to construct their own vision of a post-fossil society.

If you have any questions or wonder if we can assist in anyway, you are welcome to contact us. We will gladly accompany you during the walk and the following discussion!

How do I do the walk?

To do the walk you need to:

  • Download the app Climaginaries on your smartphone.
  • Have a fully charged smartphone and a pair of headphones.

The soundwalk consists of two acts and is two hours in total. Each act is about 1 hour and you can walk the acts at separate times if you don’t want to do the whole walk in one day.

The walk can be experienced every day that the roof of Emporia is accessible, usually between 10-20 every day. We recommend to begin the walk at 18.30 at the latest, to be sure to complete the walk before Emporia close.

The first act starts at Hyllie torg in Malmö and continues up on the roof of Emporia. The frist act ends by walking down the stairs inside the mall.

The second act begins close to Hyllie torg, at Arenagatan: between the stairs to the railway platform and the parking garage. You will walk past the water tower and in to Holma, where you will end the walk on top of the highest hill.

When you reach the starting point of the act, start the audio by tapping on the first point on the map in your phone. Afterward, just follow the instructions. The points of interest will show up as you walk. 

The walk is also accessible without GPS. In this version, all points of interest in the walk are visible on the map and you can start the audio yourself by tapping on them.

Get in touch

Johannes Stripple, Department of Political Science
johannes [dot] stripple [at] svet [dot] lu [dot] se

Ludwig Bengtsson Sonesson, Department of Political Science
ludwig [dot] bengtsson_sonesson [at] svet [dot] lu [dot] se

Fredrik Pålsson, Umami Produktion/Hi-Story
fredrik [at] umamiproduktion [dot] se