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Memories from the transition

A futurewalk set in Holma and Hyllie

It’s 2050. Selma is dead. But before she is buried, she wants to talk to a person from 2021 and show them how, in Malmö, everything is possible. That person is you.

How will we deal with the climate crisis? Memories from the transition is a fictional soundwalk where you get to hear one answer to that question. The story starts in 2030, on the roof of Emporia, and ends on the highest hill in Holma—twenty years later. 


Act I: the Occupation (2030

vattenfärgsbild av köpcentret emporia med protestanter framför. Bild.

The transition to a fossil-free society is dragging on. Young activists are fed up with politics that make marginal change without addressing the root causes. Together with other activists around the world, they occupy a prominent icon of consumption—their local mall. Hear the story of Isam, Elina, and Kevin, the Malmö-residents who occupied Emporia.

Act II: the Transition (2050)

Vattenfärgsbild av kroksbäckskullarna i Malmö med en äldre kvinna i förgrunden. Redigerat Foto.

The transition involved many political decisions, big and small, and transformed many lives in the process. Jobs that many had anchored their identities in vanished while new economies brought new opportunities. In act II, we meet Tariq, pollinator coordinator, and Malcolm, Malmö's hippest chef, and get a glimpse into how the city transformed.

Who should listen to Memories from the transition?

We're convinced that everyone, whether or not Malmö is their home, will find the story interesting and perhaps even a bit provocative. 

The walk can be used as a thematic learning opportunity in schools, workshop for organisations and as a novel discussion forum for decision makers. If this sound interesting to you, read more about it here:

How do I do the walk?

To do the walk you need to:

  • Download the app Climaginaries on your smartphone.
  • Have a fully charged smartphone and a pair of headphones.

The soundwalk consists of two acts and is two hours in total. Each act is about 1 hour and you can walk the acts at separate times if you don’t want to do the whole walk in one day.

The walk can be experienced every day that the roof of Emporia is accessible, usually between 10-20 every day. We recommend to begin the walk at 18.30 at the latest, to be sure to complete the walk before Emporia close.

The first act starts at Hyllie torg in Malmö and continues up on the roof of Emporia. The frist act ends by walking down the stairs inside the mall.

The second act begins close to Hyllie torg, at Arenagatan: between the stairs to the railway platform and the parking garage. You will walk past the water tower and in to Holma, where you will end the walk on top of the highest hill.

When you reach the starting point of the act, start the audio by tapping on the first point on the map in your phone. Afterward, just follow the instructions. The points of interest will show up as you walk. 

The walk is also accessible without GPS. In this version, all points of interest in the walk are visible on the map and you can start the audio yourself by tapping on them.


In a soundwalk, you're smartphone is both narrator and guide. Through gps, the story moves forward as you move between locations.

The project group consists of Johannes Stripple and Ludwig Bengtsson Sonesson from the Department of Political Science at Lund University and Fredrik Pålsson from Umami Productions/Hi-Story. We've received invaluable help and input from research collegues at Lund University and from members of the Narrating Climate Futures-network. The project was financed by Formas with support from LU Futura. 

Johannes does research on climate politics and has lately focused on how we create and use stories of and about the future, for more on this, please visit the Climaginaries-project. Ludwig has worked on several story-telling projects that employ knowledge-based speculation, such as the museum Carbon Ruins and the Rough Planet Guide to Notterdam. Fredrik has extensive experience in radio production and has pioneered soundwalks in Sweden, for example in the PAX-walk based on the novels with the same name. Read more (In Swedish) about Fredrik here


Idea and worldbuilding: Johannes Stripple, Ludwig Bengtsson Sonesson and Fredrik Pålsson

Script: Fredrik Pålsson

Voicedirector: Petra Berg Holbek

Sound: Julia Öjbrandt, Sofia Chanfreau, Johan Chandorkar

Music: Julia Öjbrandt

Cover art: Ludwig Bengtsson Sonesson


Selma: Vesna Stanisic

Elina: Sandra Stojiljkovic

Kevin: Magnus Schmitz

Isam: Alaa Rashid

Tariq: Karim Rashed

Anastasia, occupant: Nina Matthis

Daniel, head of sustainability: Håkan Paaske

Molly, Emporia-lover: Josefin Iziamo

Amanda, Prime minister: Cecilia Lindqvist

Nora, Mosaic-maker: Vilija Židovainytė

Ruben, Kevins father: Anders Blentare

Noor, Isams mother:

Speaker: Fredrik Pålsson

Extras: Liv Pålsson, Julia Öjbrandt, Mariana Andersson, Anna Sundman Lecomte, Johan Chandorkar, Olivia Bons

Get in touch

Johannes Stripple, Department of Political Science
johannes [dot] stripple [at] svet [dot] lu [dot] se

Ludwig Bengtsson Sonesson, Department of Political Science
ludwig [dot] bengtsson_sonesson [at] svet [dot] lu [dot] se

Fredrik Pålsson, Umami Produktion/Hi-Story
fredrik [at] umamiproduktion [dot] se